PARENTS, about Child Sexual Abuse…

Never assume that just because you know where your child is & who they are with, that this could not happen to them.

The Sexual Abuse of Children can & does happen every single day in America & around the World…to countless numbers of children. It is important to understand that 90 – 95% of children who are molested, raped and/or exploited know the person abusing them & in many cases, the child loves & trusts that person.

The first step in prevention is understanding that there is an enemy out there…and there are many enemies out there who are harming children of all ages.

Susan Suafoa-Dinino, Pesident/Founder, SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.


When I was growing up we used the term “haters”. Haters were people who were basically jealous of you, wouldn’t celebrate you and couldn’t even give you a compliment (and more). So because of that people developed the term haterblockers. This involved the wearing of sunglasses to block out and cause you not to see the light of people’s hatred and jealousy towards you.

Today many people across this nation and the world are wearing “haterblockers” only it’s not to block out people’s hatred and jealousy but it’s to block out the TRUTH. Galatians 4:16 (NLT) says “Have I now become your enemy because I’m telling you the truth?” People would rather ignore, pretend, numb out, deny, argue you with you, deflect and make up a fairy tale than accept the TRUTH.

As a representative of this organization the TRUTH for us is that every day a little girl, a little boy, a baby, a teenager is being sexually abused, physically abused, emotionally abused, etc. by a family member, family friends and others. The TRUTH is that people do not like talking about this because they either believe it won’t happen to their family or they can’t accept that as a parent they may have missed it somehow. The TRUTH is in some cases you don’t have enough money or influence and your family may have to wait longer for justice. The TRUTH is that some people are stuck once they find out they don’t know what to do. The TRUTH is , as the Founder previously stated, we have to do something about “the system” as it relates to child sexual abuse. The TRUTH is….The TRUTH is that although we are making headway against the crime of child sexual abuse there is still a great work to be done to stop it.

Child sexual abuse, sex trafficking of kids, etc. is just as much a pandemic as COVID 19. But it’s easier for some to accept COVID 19 because you can see how it’s affecting everyone and it’s right now. But what about child sexual abuse? Not only is it right now, it’s every day, it’s long lasting, it can be multi generational, it’s happening everywhere!

Hey you, are you wearing Haterblockers? Are you blocking out the TRUTH? The children are crying out for our help. Take your blockers off!!!

Faithe N. Preston

Speaking Out Blog Outreach Coordinator

The Harming of Children…

Harming a Child…Evil.

More specifically, PREYING ON & SEXUALLY VIOLATING A CHILD (Rape / Molestation / Exploitation)…One of the Greatest Evils that exists in our world as far as I’m concerned.

In most cases, we are talking about so called adults doing horrific things to children with no regard for the damage their actions will cause.



~Susan Suafoa-Dinino, President / Founder, SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.

Brings Tears to My Eyes…

I wanted to take a minute to address some things on my mind…

Obviously, as the President/Founder of SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc. (aka SpeakingOut), the sexual abuse or any form of abuse or neglect of children brings tears to my eyes. HEARTBREAKING…that anyone would harm a child. Therefore, at SpeakingOut, we will continue fighting against the crime of child sexual abuse, the perpetrators of this horrific crime against the most innocent of us all; children, as well as continue with our current campaign of addressing the breakdowns/failures of “The System; one that should protect children. Prayers for all the Children of the World.

Also on my mind & heart is George Floyd’s family. I truly tear up anytime I see even just a picture of that horrible scene that led to his death. It hits me hard. First thing that comes to my mind is if that had been one of my Sons. As a Mother of two grown Sons & and the Grandmother of five Grandchildren, I cannot fathom what his family is feeling; what they’re going through. To die that way…HEARTBREAKING. Prayers for George Floyd’s family.

Let’s keep fighting against the injustices in this world; peacefully, but relentlessly. Whatever the injustice, BE A VOICE!

~Susan Suafoa-Dinino, President/Founder, SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.


As overwhelming as that thought is due to the complexity of “The System” & the multitudes of places in which that “chain” breaks down, we can no longer just sit around & do nothing about it. We all know “The System” fails children more often than not.

So what do we do about it?

We start working toward that goal…collectively…one bite at a time.

Children deserve no less from us.

~Susan Suafoa-Dinino, President/Founder, SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.