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“I choose to speak out against child sexual abuse and rape because I want to protect the innocent rather than the guilty!  Silence is the abusers greatest weapon, but TRUTH is the greatest power of the abused!”

Bridget Loland / Board of Directors / SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.

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Listen Up Please…

A LIVING HELL…that’s the life forced upon Children (of all ages) who are being raped & molested by those who call themselves adults…who call themselves men & women. I BEG TO DIFFER. Adults don’t violate children. Adults lead, protect, nurture & love children appropriately. How far gone is the mind & soul of a person who rapes, molests and\or exploits a child? How far gone they are. WE MUST GET INVOLVED DESPITE THE SENSITIVITY OF THIS TOPIC, STAND UNITED & FIGHT FOR CHILDREN. Children deserve no less from us. -Susan Suafoa-Dinino