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We talk to our children about many things… the importance of education, the dangers of drugs and alcohol, etc… We may even mention to our little ones that no one should ever touch their private parts and we assume that if anyone ever did, that our child would tell us. In addition, we teach our children to never talk to strangers. The problem with stopping there is that 90 – 95% of children who are sexually abused know the abuser. These sexual predators of children are not strangers in most cases. The fear is that by not talking to children about sexual abuse, parents may be unknowingly and unintentionally enabling their children to be “easy prey” for the many sexual predators out there.

You cannot equip or protect your child from sexual abuse without becoming educated on this crime and then talking to your child…specifically about…

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A Word from Bridget Loland (SpeakingOut Director and Certified Christian Life Coach)

Most everyone either knows someone who has been impacted by child sexual abuse or has been a victim personally.

A pandemic is described as an event in which a disease spreads across several countries and affects a large number of people. Well not to make light of COVID whatsoever, but the “pandemic” of sexual abuse has been here for decades! It spreads like a disease destroying those caught up in it’s path killing the body and the spirit, it lurks in the shadows waiting for whom it may devour and suck out the breathe of life and it covers over a multitude because it has no barriers to contain it for it is global and not a respecter of person. And, it has a name…pedophile, perpetrator, abuser. molester, offender. It is not going away and it grows in numbers every single day!

The evil that extends from those who abuse surrounds all of us! And let’s be clear, it is not some random event, it is meaningfully, carefully and tactically, planned out and executed by each and every individual who carries out these vial acts!

Be aware of children and what is going on around you. If you suspect something is not right chances are it usually isn’t. Take action! Don’t be afraid to step up! You may be the only chance that some child has.

SpeakingOut is doing it’s part to enlighten and educate, will you join us in the fight? Children deserve nothing less from each and every one of us!

SpeakingOut’s Anniversary

March 7th made 13 years ago that I founded SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc. As a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, my team & I will continue on with SpeakingOut’s Mission & Vision. SpeakingOut’s primary purpose is Child Sexual Abuse Awareness & Prevention.

Children deserve nothing less from each & every one of us… individuals & organizations alike… to bring light to this evil, to work towards change, to look out for children, to protect them, to be bold in this fight…as sexual predators of children are very bold.

Thank you to each & every one of you across the globe who have joined in the fight against child sexual abuse. Now is not the time to slack off or stop. It’s a difficult fight that we, at SpeakingOut, will keep fighting…for children’s sake. We need even more people to join in on this fight for children. Unfortunately, sexual predators are many & everywhere. WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN THE LIVES OF CHILDREN!

~Susan Suafoa-Dinino, President/Founder, SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.

A Call to Act!

In the past year we have witnessed the unveiling of the dark hearts of many in man kind. A darkness that grieves my soul to the core, that extracts a wail that has never been heard and evokes a compelling indignation to be the light in this oh-so dark world. There is a season and a time for everything and yes, this is the time to act. Let your light shine as you advocate for the protection of our children, our future. Let your light shine in your legislative offices and communities. Let The light shine in the midst of your guilt, wounds, and unforgiveness so that you and your families can be healed and made whole.

It’s time to light up this world.

Faithe N. Preston, SpeakingOut-CSA Blog Coordinator