Child Sexual Abuse…Why Most Children Don’t Tell

Fear (Being Threatened & Manipulated)

Love and/or Know the Person Abusing Them (Don’t want their “loved one” to get into trouble; Want their Acceptance/Approval)




Lack of Understanding


Blame Themselves

Have been taught to respect Adults (Authority Figures)

Thinks/Feels like everyone knows (That people can tell just from looking at them)

Don’t want to Upset a Loved One

To protect a loved one or pet from Abuse or Harm (i.e. Mom, Brother, Sister, Dog, etc…)

Don’t Think Anyone will Believe Them (That’s what they are being told)

Fear of what a Loved One might do to the Abuser

Feel it is a Private Matter that should not be talked about

Think maybe its Normal; Happens to all Children

Knows its Abnormal; Feel Very Alone; Thinks a Highly Unusual Thing

They told someone once & was either not believed and/or not protected



For many children who do tell, they are either not believed and/or not protected.  Unfortunately, this in turn has the potential to shut down a
child about their abuse for a long time, if not permanently.  Why would that child ever tell again?  Something to think about Adults!



5 thoughts on “Child Sexual Abuse…Why Most Children Don’t Tell

  1. For me, at first it was fear of retaliation as usually. Then, it was getting so scary (I fought back but he never stopped) until one day I came home and my sister was noticing finally I was breaking and at my wits ends this was after I kick and scratched my out of a room after he refusing to stop when I said no. So, I slapped my sister with the hard truth (vobulary) after she shooked the hell of me. Then after that day, my father told me to never talked about it but I took that literally and took me years after depression I finally talked about it at camp to trusted friend.


  2. Hello everyone, tech entrepreneur developing a startup to fight against cyberbullying, sexting, suicide, sexual harassment and so on around kids., those kids suffer from things aren’t well studied because it’s SO new…PLEASE any help is truly appreciated…Thanks.


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