Spiritual Warfare and the Crime of Child Sexual Abuse

SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse Blog

What is Spiritual Warfare?

What does Spiritual Warfare have to do with the Crime of Child Sexual Abuse?

Who is the enemy & how does he use “people” to do his dirty work?

Your thoughts?


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One thought on “Spiritual Warfare and the Crime of Child Sexual Abuse

  1. SW could be a tsunami’s rushing destruction to comforting connections, or persistent ignorance from ever having had connections. A survivor’s perspective: Trust is erased, and doubt sets ceaseless burden upon a pained mind. What did I do to deserve that as a child? How horrible was I, that the spiritual connection allows such evil to persevere? Where are protectors, who see, who can be sensitive to seeing a change to the child’s personality? A child who might withdraw, who was once outgoing, or a child who lashes out, who was once mild. Is punitive society to rule, rather than the spiritual healing connection offered by so many cultures?! That’s “Spiritual Warfare” as I see it.

    Whether Animist of an indigenous tribe, Buddhist, Christian, etc… and the many sects of man made religious rules, the child as victim wonders about the neglect that allowed them to suffer? If incest, that confusion and torment would be beyond comprehension unless one survived it. And doubt rises in the mind to knew levels. Arguing with Jesus, that there were no “footsteps in the sand” for me, never carried in comfort, the pain cycles endlessly, and grows. The burden of prevention is real, the burden of healing is not easy to describe. And obstacles are everywhere!!

    Keep up the work, good work of making awareness, Spiritual work is inclusive and long suffering to the need.



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