Outraged or Desensitized regarding Child Sexual Abuse?

When you hear of children being sexually abused, how does it make you feel?  Do you feel OUTRAGED or have you become DESENSITIZED to it?  What we’re talking about…

Rape…of Children

Molestation…of Children

Exploitation…of Children

to include Sex Trafficking of Children (Domestically & Internationally)


Back in the day, people didn’t talk much about any of this; even almost 11 years ago when I founded SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.  Now & thankfully, there is much more awareness.  Many organizations (to include SpeakingOut) are working vigorously to heighten awareness…in an effort to aid in Prevention. 

I’ve noticed that when the news talks about children having been violated, it’s just usually a quick blurb of a “story”.  And now those quick blurbs include information on Human Trafficking…which means Children are being trafficked for Commercial Sexual Exploitation.  These “bits of News” are generally quickly mentioned & passed over…on to the next story…as if they just announced the opening of a new restaurant.

This should not just be “News”.  We’re talking about children’s safety & lives.  This should prompt all of us to spring into action fighting against the crime of Child Sexual Abuse…



Talk to Your Children

Be on the Lookout


We SHOULD be angry, appalled, shocked, etc… about this Crime against Children…every time.  After all, we are talking about Children (ages Birth to 17 Years of Age).  If we, as a society, become desensitized, what does that mean?

Just thinking…

…and OUTRAGED!  What about YOU?

Susan Suafoa-Dinino / President/Founder / SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse, Inc.


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