…for addressing the crime of child sexual abuse?

…for fighting (not literally) against sexual predators of children?

…for talking to children about sexual abuse in an effort to aid in prevention?

…for standing up for children?

…for being a voice for children?

…for doing everything in our power to protect children from sexual abuse & all other forms of abuse & neglect?

…for being on the lookout for behavioral signs of sexual predators of children?

…for looking for the signs & symptoms of a child being sexually abused?

…for not turning a blind eye?

…for not keeping family secrets that harm children?

…for understanding that incest is not a family matter?

…for not feeling that there is nothing we can do because of how rampant & enormous this violation against children is worldwide?

…for not leaving children on their own to try to defend themselves?

…for addressing the breakdowns in the systems in place that are supposed to protect children…for children’s sake?

Etc… Etc… Etc…

WHO ?????????


Are you with me?

~Susan Suafoa-Dinino, President/Founder, SpeakingOut against Child Sexual Abuse

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