Four Eyes

As a parent, we hope to do everything we can to love, nurture and protect our children. But unfortunately we miss it sometimes. Between the juggling of parenting, work, sports activities, etc. we honestly do not see everything.

Dear Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, friends,

We need you to help be our extra set of eyes. Help us to see the things we can’t or may not want to see so that our children, your family, will be protected. Till this very day my mother swears she never knew or saw that I was being sexually abused by my step father. She never noticed the changes in my behavior, how I was around him or when a baby was forming in my tiny body.

But guess who did? My grandmother. Although my mom did not receive the information that was being shared with her they still told her no matter what.

How glad I was to later learn that there was an extra set of eyes watching me when I was growing up! As an over comer of child sexual abuse, let me say “We need four eyes.”

Faithe N. Preston

SpeakingOut-CSA Blog Outreach Coordinator

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