We have all been captivated at some point or another by the heroes in some of our favorite movies. During this pandemic we learned to recognize the every day heroes that we so easily ignore and take for granted. These heroes took a risk despite their fears, family members begging them not to, and the possibility of getting COVID-19 themselves.

There is a little boy, a little girl, a teenager hoping that you will take a risk in spite of your fears, the rift that may come with your family or friends, and tell what you saw. You saw it!! Your gut cringed on the inside because you knew that something wasn’t right about what you saw. For some of you, your were their confident but they begged you not to tell.

Hero! We need you to emerge. They need you to emerge. Please tell what you saw. Call someone today and report it. Save the day by saving a child!

Faithe Preston

Speaking-out CSA Blog Outreach Coordinator

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