We have all been captivated at some point or another by the heroes in some of our favorite movies. During this pandemic we learned to recognize the every day heroes that we so easily ignore and take for granted. These heroes took a risk despite their fears, family members begging them not to, and the possibility of getting COVID-19 themselves.

There is a little boy, a little girl, a teenager hoping that you will take a risk in spite of your fears, the rift that may come with your family or friends, and tell what you saw. You saw it!! Your gut cringed on the inside because you knew that something wasn’t right about what you saw. For some of you, your were their confident but they begged you not to tell.

Hero! We need you to emerge. They need you to emerge. Please tell what you saw. Call someone today and report it. Save the day by saving a child!

Faithe Preston

Speaking-out CSA Blog Outreach Coordinator

Four Eyes

As a parent, we hope to do everything we can to love, nurture and protect our children. But unfortunately we miss it sometimes. Between the juggling of parenting, work, sports activities, etc. we honestly do not see everything.

Dear Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, friends,

We need you to help be our extra set of eyes. Help us to see the things we can’t or may not want to see so that our children, your family, will be protected. Till this very day my mother swears she never knew or saw that I was being sexually abused by my step father. She never noticed the changes in my behavior, how I was around him or when a baby was forming in my tiny body.

But guess who did? My Aunt..my grandmother. Although my mom did not receive the information that was being shared with her they still told her no matter what.

How glad I was to later learn that there was an extra set of eyes watching me when I was growing up! As an over comer of child sexual abuse, let me say “We need four eyes.”

Faithe N. Preston

SpeakingOut-CSA Blog Outreach Coordinator


When I was growing up we used the term “haters”. Haters were people who were basically jealous of you, wouldn’t celebrate you and couldn’t even give you a compliment (and more). So because of that people developed the term haterblockers. This involved the wearing of sunglasses to block out and cause you not to see the light of people’s hatred and jealousy towards you.

Today many people across this nation and the world are wearing “haterblockers” only it’s not to block out people’s hatred and jealousy but it’s to block out the TRUTH. Galatians 4:16 (NLT) says “Have I now become your enemy because I’m telling you the truth?” People would rather ignore, pretend, numb out, deny, argue you with you, deflect and make up a fairy tale than accept the TRUTH.

As a representative of this organization the TRUTH for us is that every day a little girl, a little boy, a baby, a teenager is being sexually abused, physically abused, emotionally abused, etc. by a family member, family friends and others. The TRUTH is that people do not like talking about this because they either believe it won’t happen to their family or they can’t accept that as a parent they may have missed it somehow. The TRUTH is in some cases you don’t have enough money or influence and your family may have to wait longer for justice. The TRUTH is that some people are stuck once they find out they don’t know what to do. The TRUTH is , as the Founder previously stated, we have to do something about “the system” as it relates to child sexual abuse. The TRUTH is….The TRUTH is that although we are making headway against the crime of child sexual abuse there is still a great work to be done to stop it.

Child sexual abuse, sex trafficking of kids, etc. is just as much a pandemic as COVID 19. But it’s easier for some to accept COVID 19 because you can see how it’s affecting everyone and it’s right now. But what about child sexual abuse? Not only is it right now, it’s every day, it’s long lasting, it can be multi generational, it’s happening everywhere!

Hey you, are you wearing Haterblockers? Are you blocking out the TRUTH? The children are crying out for our help. Take your blockers off!!!

Faithe N. Preston

Speaking Out Blog Outreach Coordinator

It’s brewing..

While the storm of COVID-19 is hovering over the lives of people all over the world there is another storm brewing. Many are consumed with fear and anxiety with in their own personal selves and are trying to maintain that they are oblivious to the signs that are manifesting before them.

Statistics said that one out every ten children have experienced child sexual abuse. What will the statistics be when we come out of the “shut in”? How many children are being “shut in” during playtime? During lesson time in the other room? In their siblings room when mom is overwhelmed with the weight of homeschooling for the first time?

There’s another storm brewing and we need to open our eyes, our hearts, our compassion and be prepared. We need to be ready!

This storm will reveal the enemy with in. Not a teacher, not a coach, but the enemy with in. There is a storm brewing and we need to be prepared.

What about the children? Who is ready and will stand for them?

How can justice be served?

My heart bleeds as I sit here recalling the experiences I have heard of fellow survivors or those who have overcome, parents or family members who have witnessed their child or love one being abused and students that I have taught. Many of our experiences have different endings. Many have no closure, many lay open like a sink hole, and then there are a few that experienced justice being served to their abuser. But did they really? How can one put a sentence on a lifetime crime? A crime that effects every area of a human beings life. How?

But for what little bit of justice “the system” can offer I want to give you a glimmer of hope.

“The door to my room was slightly cracked. I heard him say something about getting a comb out of my room. The next words I heard were from my mom. She was yelling “Get out! Get out of my house!” I became numb. What? No! Oh no! What has happened? She can’t possible know.” Excerpt from The Best Way Out by Faithe Preston.

When my mom found out I was being sexually abused by my stepfather she immediately called the Military Police. And the series of events that took place after were quickly expedited (at least from what I can remember). The MP’s quickly took me to the doctor, confirmed I was pregnant at 11, escorted us to London to have abortion and trial began soon there after.

My stepfather was sentenced to two life sentences and was sent to a military prison. Years later my mom found out he was let out on good behavior. I have no idea how long he was actually in prison. But after the trial, we were elated. We felt victorious. My abuser was caught, tried and sentenced. So don’t give up!

It took me 30 years to overcome and be made whole. All thanks to Jesus and a family of people who stood in there with me through the good, the bad and ugly. Loved me beyond myself because love covers a multitude of sin. But can you really put a sentence on a crime with lifetime effects.

Let’s vigilantly continue to bring awareness of child sexual abuse and prevent the effects of a lifetime crime.

By Faithe Preston – SpeakingOut CSA Blog Outreach Cordinator

Keep them pure!

There are two words that are extinct and obsolete to most people in today’s culture and that is purity and modesty. Yes!! These were actually words that people considered honorable a long time ago.

Purity means freedom from anything that debases, contaminates and pollutes.* Today our children are bombarded by the media, entertainment & music industry, family, social media and so much more to rob them of their purity.

Parents, guardians, god parents, caretakers, etc. please take the time to watch and listen to commercials, to supposedly funny statements in cartoons, to TV shows geared towards children or even the various clothing lines. You will hear and see a sexual undertone in each one. And if you are one who allows your children to watch TV all of the time or unattended you will miss it.

I have witnessed so many kids, especially girls, who are dressed like adult barbie dolls and it breaks my heart. Why? Because I look beyond the “Oh! She’s so cute,” statements. And beyond the “Aww..she’s dressed like her momma,” statements and I see a child pedophile lusting for your daughters like they would you as the mom.

For example, a lot of the foods are causing our children to develop earlier. As a teacher, I saw 1st graders with breast and bottom. So imagine a developing 1st grader in one of those peek-a-boo shirts (shoulders exposed) and tight leggins. Now imagine a pedophile looking at her.

Let’s make sure we are not contaminating the purity of our little girls by making them grow up too fast. Let’s keep our children pure as much as we can, for as long as we can.


By: Faithe Preston, Speaking-CSA Blog Outreach Coordinator