Parents, What You CAN DO about the Crime of Child Sexual Abuse…

Learn all that you can about this crime

Talk to Your Child

Minimize the Risk

Look for Warning Signs

Know your Child’s Surroundings

Inquire about the Safety Precautions taken by Other involved with Your Child

Know & Remember the Statistics

Tell Others

Break the Cycle in Your Family




What Every Parent Should Know…

CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE (Rape / Molestation / Exploitation)…

You may be thinking…“That could never happen to my child”.  Unfortunately & as statistics show, Child Sexual Abuse does happen & it happens often to countless numbers of children… the most innocent and helpless of all victims.  I urge you to think about this… the “statistics” are made up of real children of all ages… Birth to 17 Years of Age.

Never assume that just because you know where your child is & who they are with, that this could not happen to them.  

Unfortunately, Child Sexual Abuse can happen anywhere, anytime, to any child.  Understand that 90 – 95% of children who are Molested/Raped/Exploited know the person abusing them & in far too many cases, love & trust that person.

Never assume that if this happens or is happening to your child that they will tell you. 

Sexual Predators know how to silence children.  And as a Parent, your understanding of this horrific crime is imperative for your child’s safety.

Women Hand writing Never Assume with black marker on visual scre

Break the Cycle of Child Sexual Abuse in Your Family…

About “Family Secrets”…

  • It is our responsibility as Adults to Stop the abuse of Children within our own families.
  • Denial helps no one; especially the Child.
  • Family Secrets hurt Children; the most innocent of family members.
  • To Protect oneloved one with a secret such as this = the harming of an Innocent Child or
    Children (possibly your own child or a child you know).
  • If you are aware of and/or suspect abuse & don’t act, what does that make you?
  • Child Sexual Abuse is NOT a family matter… IT IS A CRIME!
  • Oftentimes, this crime is a generational issue that can stop with you.
  • Your embarrassment is not as important as your Child’s Safety.
  • It’s Not About You; it’s about your Child or Grandchild.
  • You Must Step Up & Speak Out.
  • Have the Courage to break the cycle in your family.

To Break the Cycle, you may experience…

  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Confusion
  • Rejection from those you love, as well as others
  • Not believed
  • Lack of support
  • Loss of a relationship with someone you care about and/or love; the Abuser
  • Persecution from family members, the system & others
  • Etc…

Understand that what you may have to experience is only a small taste of what your Child or Grandchild is going through & feeling…  and it Just Does Not Compare.