Parents, Have You Talked To Your Child? Recommended Books…


Open up the communication line between you & your child on the crime of child sexual abuse.  Awareness is key to Prevention!

First…Get educated about this crime @ and/or read “Childhood: It Should Not Hurt!” by Claire R. Reeves

Second…Talk to YOUR Child!  Some books that may assist with having this conversation at the age appropriate level can be found at

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Importance of Knowing More about the Crime of Child Sexual Abuse…

The more we know about this crime & ultimate violation/betrayal of children, the better for children.  Let’s start here.  Click on the below link for information on…

  • What Child Sexual Abuse Is
  • Overview of Child Sexual Abuse
  • Forms of Child Sexual Abuse
  • Additional Information
  • What Child Sexual Abuse Is NOT
  • Our Definition of a Child
  • Who is in Authority over a Child

Break the Cycle of Child Sexual Abuse in YOUR Family

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About “Family Secrets”…

  • It is our responsibility as Adults to Stop the abuse of Children within our own families
  • Denial helps no one; especially the Child
  • Family Secrets hurt Children; the most innocent of family members
  • To Protect oneloved one with a secret such as this = the harming of an Innocent Child or
    Children (possibly your own child or a child you know… horrible violation of any child)
  • If you are aware of and/or suspect abuse & don’t act, you become an Accomplice
  • Child Sexual Abuse is not a family matter… IT IS A CRIME!
  • Generational Issue/Crime can Stop with you
  • Your embarrassment is not as important as your Child’s Safety
  • It’s Not About You; it’s about your Child or Grandchild
  • You Must Step Up & Speak Out
  • Have the Courage to break the cycle in your family

Understand that what you may…

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Child Sexual Abuse…Why Most Children Don’t Tell

Fear (Being Threatened & Manipulated)

Love and/or Know the Person Abusing Them (Don’t want their “loved one” to get into trouble; Want their Acceptance/Approval)




Lack of Understanding


Blame Themselves

Have been taught to respect Adults (Authority Figures)

Thinks/Feels like everyone knows (That people can tell just from looking at them)

Don’t want to Upset a Loved One

To protect a loved one or pet from Abuse or Harm (i.e. Mom, Brother, Sister, Dog, etc…)

Don’t Think Anyone will Believe Them (That’s what they are being told)

Fear of what a Loved One might do to the Abuser

Feel it is a Private Matter that should not be talked about

Think maybe its Normal; Happens to all Children

Knows its Abnormal; Feel Very Alone; Thinks a Highly Unusual Thing

They told someone once & was either not believed and/or not protected



For many children who do tell, they are either not believed and/or not protected.  Unfortunately, this in turn has the potential to shut down a
child about their abuse for a long time, if not permanently.  Why would that child ever tell again?  Something to think about Adults!